Learn from Failure

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Learn from Failure

It's inevitable, if you have any significant number of clients. A pest problem went un-scouted until it was too late. An inattentive employee used the wrong stuff or used too much. The client either did not understand or did not follow your advice. Whatever the cause, something went wrong and the turf suffered.

Practice 'Root Cause Analysis.' Trace the problem all the way to the original, ultimate cause, and make the appropriate changes. Train the employee, correct the language of the advisory or bulletin, correct the mixing instructions. Then go back to the client, explain what went wrong and how you corrected it, and confidently explain what you're willing to do to restore their site to tip-top shape. This is professionalism at its best. You may still lose the client, but you are just as likely to earn their respect for your willingness to correct problems and improve service.



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