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Do large foliaged plants serve any practical functions?

Large foliaged plants-practical functions

In addition to their design, large foliage plants serve many practical functions. They soak up and transpire moisture in wet areas to make the environment more hospitable for other plants, and they can serve as groundcovers and weed suppressors.

What grows well in a damp area?

Damp Areas

In damp areas such as low spots where runoff can collect, plant moisture-lovers like Japanese primroses and ferns.

When is the best time to transplant peonies, rhododendrons and azaleas

Best time to transplant peonies and rhododendrons

The best time for transplanting peonies, rhododendrons and azaleas is in the Fall when the plants begin their dormant cycle and they can be safely dug and replanted. When transplanting, be sure to dig a large root ball, getting as much of the root system as possible, and try to get the plant back into the soil quickly, so the roots do not dry out from air exposure. Always dig the new planting hole considerably larger than the root ball of the plant you are transplanting. This will insure that the new roots will have rich soil to become established in.

What are some uses for Hostas?

Hosta Tips

Smaller hosta varieties (up to 12 inches tall) are ideal for rock gardens and make a good edging along paths or the front of a bed. Large hostas are great used as a background or as a dramatic accent plant. Medium sized hostas make excellent ground cover. Use variegated hostas - cultivars with white, cream or golden edged leaves to lighten up shady corners.

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