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Measuring Sod

If you're installing new sod on a 1 acre plot of land, then you already know how many pallets you need--one hundred. One pallet of sod covers roughly 1/100th of an acre, or about 430 square feet. Some pallets will have more, some less. You may need an extra pallet or two in your order to account for piece you'll tear up to fit patios and walks, and to account for those short pallets that only have 400 or so square feet on them.

Why is my grass not doing well?

Yellow Lawn

Yellowing is often a sign of a condition known as chlorosis. Iron is a necessary nutrient used by the plant in the formation of chlorophyll, which of course is needed for photosynthesis in plants. Certain soil conditions, such as improper soil pH and/or the presence of high phosphate levels, can cause elemental iron to be locked up in compounds the plant cannot take up and use. Since the plant can't get the iron it needs, it can't form chlorophyll and photosynthesize properly, resulting in the yellowed appearance. This can be corrected in some cases by applying chelated iron to the soil. It may also be corrected by applying elemental sulfur, which will reduce soil pH and release iron.

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