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How can I plan to make my garden design more interesting?

use texture to provide interest

Try to make use of texture when planning your design. Use a variety of shapes and surfaces to make your space more interesting. Use a mix of leaf sizes to provide contrast—big round ones combined with light and delicate ones.

What are some advantages of plants with large leaves?

Large foliaged Plants-some advantages

An advantage of plants with large leaves is that they help establish a sense of maturity in new gardens, quickly and economically filling bare spots. Since fewer plants are needed, they also simplify the design. In shady or woodland gardens, where bulbs and wildflowers disappear shortly after flowering, try planting hostas, ligularia, bergernia and ferns which will fill in the spaces attractively.

Where can large foliaged plants be used in a landscape?

Large Foliaged Plants-where to plant

In small gardens a measure of restraint should be used to avoid a “cluttered” look, but other than that, plants with mega size leaves can be used in most settings. They lend substance, serving as focal points and helping to achieve an integrated garden composition. If you live in a semi-tropical climate, they can provide much needed shade but they can also soften spaces enclosed by garden walls and fences while creating an illusion of grandeur.

Where would large foliaged plants look good?

large foliage plants

If you position bold foliaged plants next to a water feature, where their luxuriance is enhanced by reflection, or at a strategic bend in a path, a rise of land or the mid point of a border, they can be a surprise and delight!

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