Weed and Feed for Centipede

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Can I use Weed and Feed on my lawn?

Weed and Feed for Centipede

These products are different than Weed and Feed products for other grass types. They usually contain Atrazine or Simazine, both of which are pre-emergent herbicides. They do not need to make contact with the weed plants, and they tend to last longer. Applying them anytime after the grass has fully greened up is Ok. Make sure you read and follow label directions carefully. If the fertilizer component of your product is NOT 15-0-15 or some other 1-0-1 formulation, DO NOT use it. Centipede can be killed by fertilizers designed for other grass types.



9/11/2006 4:33:49 PM
Jennifer said:

if i had a pet centipede what would i feed it so that it would not die?


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