Removing unwanted trees

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What is the best way to remove unwanted trees?

Removing unwanted trees

When removing trees from a a property, I would recommend hiring a professional and reputable tree maintenance expert or arborist in your area that can remove your trees in a safe and organized manner. There is more to taking down a sizable tree than hacking away with a chainsaw. Consideration must be given to the structure of the tree, weight and size of limbs, proximity to adjacent structures and power lines, and most important, the safety of everyone involved in or around the operation. Trained personnel can remove a tree to several inches below ground level and not leave an unsightly stump. Some machines systematically reduce stumps to woodchips to a maximum depth of 12" (30 cm) below grade. Stump chips can be hauled away or left in place in a neat pile for later use as a beneficial mulch, or can be placed under trees and shrubs directly, if requested. If done properly, except for the missing trees, you won't even know they were there.



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