Know characteristics of a tree before purchasing

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What are some considerations when deciding on a tree specie?

Know characteristics of a tree before purchasing

It is wise to know the ornamental and design characteristics of your chosen tree. For example, if choosing an evergreen or deciduous tree, will it provide attractive fall color or will the tree's winter appearance be attractive for your landscape? You may want a tree with ornamental characteristics, like flowers, fruit, or interesting bark texture. If the tree produces fruit, it may cause maintenance problems by staining walkways, or if it has thorns, it may be undesirable if it requires frequent pruning or is in an area with children or near walkways. Is the tree's “form” appropriate for the space available (low or pendulous branches, columnar, wide spreading, etc.)? Will it provide the shade or form that you desire? Or will its size cast unwanted shade on a vegetable garden?



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