Best time to plant evergreens

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When is the best time to plant evergreens?

Best time to plant evergreens

Evergreens should be planted from mid-August through September in most zones. Planting during this period allows the evergreens to become established before the onset of winter. Evergreens planted later on in the fall are susceptible to damage from drying out that can lead to death. However, most broad-leaved evergreens like rhododendron and narrow-leaved evergreens like yew are more safely transplanted in the spring than in autumn. (In mild climates though, it is possible to succeed very well with proper care.)



9/22/2011 6:10:35 PM
Adaela McLaughlin said:

Please clarify the sentence that starts with, However, broadleaved and ...narrow leaved... had best be planted in the spring.
Doesn't make sense since the first sentence says Aug-Sept is the best time.


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