Clematis-great vine choice!

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Is Clematis a good choice for a vine ?

Clematis-great vine choice!

Clematis, with its many uses, is an excellent choice for your landscape use. Clematis is among the most decorative and spectacular of all the flowering vines. A wide range of color and flower shapes may be found in the many varieties and species. They can act as accent vines when trained on arbors, light wires, or delicate trellises, but are also effective when allowed to trail over rocks, stone walls, or fences.
The large-flowered clematis hybrids are the most widely used. These hybrids are deciduous vines that climb by twining stems, which act as tendrils. They can reach a height of 8 to 10 feet. Flowering time varies according to variety but may be from late spring until frost.



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