Wild Onions

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What kind of weed is this? How do I get rid of it?

Wild Onions

Wild onions, wild garlic and wild chives are an eyesore in dormant warm season lawns. These simple, aromatic monocots grow rapidly, setting flowers and producing new seed that propagates the plant. They grow in moist, cool conditions that send warm season grasses into their dormancy. Though they do not compete with the grass for nutrients or sunlight, they are a visual problem that detracts from the lawn. The easiest, cheapest way to deal with them is to mow'em down. Mowing frequently during cool months prevents them from setting flowers and producing new plants. It also collects leaf debris. In fall, use a pre-emergent herbicide labeled for use in your grass. In the grass' growing season, make sure your maintenance program develops a thick, dense stand of turf.



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