Turf Disease

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Why has my well manicured lawn has been invaded by disease?

Turf Disease

Turf diseases can display symptoms that might be mistaken for other problems. Some diseases, such as take all patch, display the same symptoms as grub damage. If the grass does not have any roots and you do not see grubs in the soil, chances are good that take all patch is the cause. Certain diseases of St. Augustine and Fescue also resemble insect damage. Careful inspection of the soil, the roots, the stems and the leaves at the margin--the area bordering healthy grass--is the key to diagnosing the disease. Telltale signs of disease include yellowing leaves that detach easily from the sheath, blotchy or spotty leaves, greasy, slimy or moldy appearance, white or grey substance covering the stems or leaves, unusual rubbery or fleshy substance growing across the soil surface and a bad smell.



7/16/2006 10:50:31 AM
Charles Waterhouse said:

Thats interesting but what do I do about it?

10/8/2006 4:33:58 PM
Marc said:

Great tip! I thought I might have had a grub problem, but found ZERO grubs in a 15 X 20' area. But what is "take all patch"? Does that mean I just have to dig up the dead lawn and start over? It's a large area...


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