Nutgrass (sedge)

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What kind of weed is this? How do I get rid of it?

Nutgrass (sedge)

Nutgrass isn't really a grass--it's a member of the sedge family, distinguished by three-sided stems and star-like florescence (the flower). It forms new plants readily from seed, as well as from a small rhizome-like tuber buried several inches in the soil. Removal or killing the tuber is the only way to control it. Sedges are capable of splitting reinforced concrete slabs, puncturing pool and pond liners and forcing its way through asphalt driveway. Basagran, Vantage, Image and Poast are all labeled for control of sedges. One or more of these may be a restricted use pesticide in your state. Roundup, if applied properly, will kill the plant, tuber and all.



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