Centipede Fertilizer

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How do I fertilize my lawn?

Centipede Fertilizer

Unless a soil analysis has recommended the application of another fertilizer, you should only use 15-0-15 on Centipede. Why? Because Centipede does not need Phosphorous (the middle number) in more than trace amounts. If your soil is slightly alkaline, the Phosphorous can lock Iron up in the soil, causing the grass to suffer Iron chlorosis and turn yellow. You should not use high Nitrogen fertilizers on Centipede, either. It thrives under low fertility conditions and will do just fine with a moderate amount of Nitrogen. If you try to push it with too much Nitrogen, it will develop a lush green canopy that cannot be supported by the rest of the plant. The lawn then becomes a target for pests and disease.



3/27/2007 6:28:56 PM
Randy Johnson said:

I have tried the advice on using the fertilizer for centipede grass 15-0-15 and it works great. I have one the best manicured lawns in my neighborhood.=)


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