Mossy Lawn

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Mossy Lawn

Moss is an indication of compacted soil, too much shade and a probable imbalance in soil pH. If the mossy areas are not large, you can use a shovel to turn the soil and work in some compost. This is enough to correct most moss problems. If the mossy areas are large, you should consider renting or buying a garden tiller. You should also remove any large tree limbs that are 20' or less above the ground. Consider removing small trees (water oaks and chinese tallow or 'popcorn' trees in particular) before they get too large and exacerbate the problem. If the mossy areas are beneath a large, old oak, forget it. The roots from the oak will interfere with your soil aeration process, and your tiller is likely to destroy enough of the roots to significantly damage the tree. You are best served by planting shade loving ground covers such as ivy, monkey grass or hostas. Lastly, you should have your soil analyzed for pH and lime as recommended.



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