Design tips for a small yard

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What are some design basics for a small yard or garden bed?

Design tips for a small yard

When designing a small yard, consider not only the area that opens into the garden, but also any views from other floors or windows. There are some visual tricks you can use in small space gardening to help defy garden boundaries and make your small yard feel larger. You should definitely consider blurring the lines between the garden and the house. Use plants to blur walls and fences, which ensures that your eye doesn't abruptly stop at the garden's boundaries.



4/22/2007 4:18:10 PM
Meriam Rosenberg said:

I have a small back yard. I am going to have an extensive patio made out of pavers, a fire pit and water fall to help make this small yard an exciting place to entertain, to relax and hang out. Any ideas in placing the fire pit and water fall to accent the back yard would be welcome and most appreciated. My email address is


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