Incurable Problems

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Why has my well manicured lawn has been invaded by disease?

Incurable Problems

We've stressed good management, and you've followed that advice. You've properly followed a regimen of good mowing, watering and fertilization practice and the turf is performing. Then disaster strikes and a disease devastates the turf.

By definition, a high maintenance, high performance turf is a high cost and high risk turf. The more time and money you spend on the lawn, the more likely you are to face lawn disease. Lawns are monospecific cultures. A single variety or a single species of organism is living in a large area exposed to natural forces. Nature detests monospecificity as much as she detests a vacuum. While nature can be delayed and sometimes even thwarted with vigilance and good decision-making, sooner or later nature will have her way. Be prepared--if you spend a lot of time and money on the lawn, you'll have to spend a lot of effort repairing the damage.



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